Moissanite Ear Studs

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Product Details:
  • Embedded with beautiful Moissanite stone of 1 carats.
  • Pure Sterling Silver 925.
  • Rhodium Plating.
  • Color D

About The Product:

Looking for a perfect substitute for Diamond?, STOP LOOKING! Aureate got your back, offering you an attractive and high-quality Moissanite ring. Our style is marked as a symbol of authenticity, this beautiful sparkling ring is handmade with pure Sterling silver 925.


Moissanite reflects like a rainbow, it is as appealing as a Diamond. If a Diamond is 10 on the MOHS hardness scale, the Moissanite stands on 9.25-9.5.  It surpassed the brilliance and fire of Diamond and has the identical beauty as of a Diamond. The mesmerizing beauty of its appearance, durability and affordable price make it the perfect stone for any occasion.

There are other alternatives for Diamonds too that can lose their sparkle with time, but Moissanite is as atomically stable as Diamond so it is impossible for it to lose that spark.

"A piece in your collection that has a glow for a lifetime and beyond".


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